Archetype Apparel

Our story

This wild ride began back in the year 2012, when two guys from Austria and Nort Italy decided to come up with an alternative streetwear label. Bold, tattoo-inspired designs met fair produced and eco-friendly textiles.We worked with several shops, festivals, tattoo conventions, photographers, models and -of course- with lots of awesome bands & artists in the likes of Emil Bulls, Black Stone Cherry, Seiler & Speer, Midriff, Turbobier and John Dette from Anthrax & Slayer.

In 2018 the game changed due the lack of time and the business turned into a one-man-show and now the whole thing is back again!

Daniel Hofer – CEO

Our mission

Conventional cotton farming has for the last 30 years been a complete nightmare for millions of farmers, and the textile industry now accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions. Our organic cotton is completely free from toxic chemicals and pesticides. It uses up to 91% less water, 62% less energy, and emits 46% less Co2 compared to conventional cotton farming. In other words, it is farmed in touch with nature, as it should be.

Tencel (Lyocell) is an eco-friendly fiber made from wood pulp. A durable and breathable fabric that absorbs moisture and is really soft to your skin. Tencel is produced in a closed-loop system, which means that 99% of the solvent is reused. It is obtained from trees that are grown on farms— so don’t worry, there are no old forests that get damaged.


Sustainable textiles & fair workplaces are not enough?

Let’s build a forest together!

For every product sold, WE’LL PLANT A TREE for the climate. Trees clean the air we breathe and help stabilize our climate & provide habitat for biodiversity.

We’re donating to the cool guys at ONETREEPLANTED, who are helping our enviroment. Just take a look at our social media platforms for updates!